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Feb 13, 2018

What is the discipline policy?


Edited: Feb 13, 2018

Points are earned by students that neglect to obey or intentionally disobey the rules written in the handbook or given verbally by staff. Points are distributed for the following reasons:


1 point - disruptive, talking, working on unrelated materials, eating or drinking in restricted areas, out of order, overdue assignment (given after two fines)

2 points - attitude, arguing, unkindness, name calling, electronic violation, unexcused absence, $20 of fines in a quarter, being in a restricted area

5 points - lying, cheating, intentional or direct disobedience, disrespectful, fighting, skipping detention

10 points - profanity, stealing, destroying or defacing school or another's property


In order to help the student, checkpoints are deemed necessary for corrective behavior. Students will be given the following after accumulation of points in one semester:


10 points per semester - Partial loss of recess (elementary) 1 hr work detention (Secondary)

20 points per semester - Partial loss of recess and loss of lunch privileges (elementary)

1 hour work detention and loss of lunch break (secondary)

30 points per semester - All of the above pluss loss of PE and other privileges at teacher's

discretion (elementary) Required student counseling (secondary)

40 points per semester - Meeting with administration and parents


New Posts
  • Yes, the shuttle stop location is Northeast corner of Walmart parking lot on Capehart Road in Bellevue. Pick-up time: leaves promptly at 8:00 am Drop-off time: 3:30 pm Click here for cost and sign up
  • Hot lunches are provided on Wednesdays and Fridays for a cost of $3.50 per meal. Lunches can be ordered via Sycamore. On all other days lunches are to be brought by each student. Parents and other visitors are invited to the hot lunches. The cost is $3.50 per visitor.
  • Homework is used by the teacher as a tool to re-enforce what a student has already learned in class. Our philosophy is that most of the school work be done at school. Homework will usually be assigned on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. If students do not complete homework in the given amount of time, they will first receive a warning. Not completing homework could result in a $2 fine.
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