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First Baptist School Academics

First Baptist School is a traditional K-12 school with small classes that emphasize individual instruction and mastery of material. First Baptist School is a member of the Nebraska Association of Christian Schools (NACS). NACS is a chapter of the American Association of Christian Schools (AACS). The goal of First Baptist School is to produce well-balanced students who are prepared spiritually, academically, and socially for what God can do with them for the rest of their lives. 

First Baptist School elementary classes provide a traditional Christian education in small, safe classroom settings. We strive to provide individual instruction with an emphasis on mastery of material in core subjects. The 3 “R’s” are still important to us! In addition, our elementary students are offered music and physical education as well as opportunities to participate in school plays and fine arts competitions.

First Baptist School strives to partner with parents to provide the best possible education in a loving, positive environment that includes a Biblical emphasis in every area throughout the school day. We would love for you to join us!


Our K-5 class emphasizes a strong phonics-based reading program using the ABeka curriculum. This curriculum provides a morning of fun-filled learning activities for both reading and numbers.


In addition, kindergarten students are taught basic Bible stories and enjoy singing children’s songs. They memorize a Bible verse for each letter of the alphabet as well as poetry and other passages of Scripture. We also offer afternoon Kindercare for those desiring an all-day program.

3rd & 4th Grade

Our third and fourth graders continue to build a foundation with regular review as well as new concepts in all subjects. Our language curriculum guides students to think orderly thoughts while learning and applying traditional grammar skills.


In science and history students build their understanding of God’s plan and His working in all areas of the past as well as the present. Mastery is the goal and individual instruction is utilized. 


Music class includes learning to read music by playing the recorder. Students also participate in physical education and fine arts activities.

Jr High & High School

The jr high and high school offer the core classes such as math, science, history, Bible, and English as well as many elective classes. First Baptist School uses a variety of curri-culum including Bob Jones University Press and ABeka, as well as many other supplemental materials.


We are dedicated to helping the struggling student “catch up” and master the material he needs to continue his education as well as challenging the advanced student. 



Annual activities at First Baptist School include field trips, UNL Math Day, basketball and volleyball games and tournaments, spirit week, NACS fine arts competition, school concerts and plays, and the annual NACS track meet. These activities help provide the students with an active and eventful student life. 

1st & 2nd Grade

In the first and second grade com-bined classroom, students continue to build a foundation in core subjects using the ABeka curriculum. Subjects are taught in grade levels for math and language arts while combining Bible, history, science, and art.


Mastery of basic math concepts in-cluding addition and subtraction facts is emphasized. Spelling words are based on the strong phonics program and students continue to practice reading on their individual levels.


History and science are taught using a Biblical world view emphasizing creation and God’s plan for mankind.

5th & 6th Grade

At First Baptist School the fifth and sixth grades are combined for Bible, reading, history, science, and typing. Students are challenged to learn the basic Bible doctrines as well as how to lead a person to Christ. The ABeka curriculum is used for fifth and sixth grades in most subjects


Reading comprehension is stressed through group, individual, and timed reading. History and science classes include student projects such as posters and reports.


Math and English classes are taught separately in order to focus on grade level and prepare students for upper level courses. In English students continue to master grammar and improve their composition skills. In math, students are taught traditional computation skills as well as some pre-algebra concepts. Common core is not part of the math curriculum. is used to help students who struggle as well as challenge those who excel in math. IXL is a captivating online learning space with a unique blend of student-driven learning and teacher-led education.




First Baptist School helps prepare students for their futures by offering elective classes such as typing, computers, robotics, computer programming, speech, shop, and a variety of foreign languages (including American Sign Language).


First Baptist School also helps students explore the arts by offering classes such as music, choir, band, art, home economics, sewing, and industrial arts. 


Classes such as yearbook, Lions’ Pen (school news-paper), and physical education give students the opportunity to develop their individual skills while creating life-long memories. 

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