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Spirit Week was developed to generate school spirit, to create a spirit of competition, to build team spirit, to allow the opportunity for teachers to influence students in a unique way, and to provide lasting memories to the student body. This year we had several categories for Spirit Week. Monday’s category was team color day where people wore their team’s color of Red, Orange, Green and Blue. The obstacle course with about 16 different stations was run twice by all teams to get the lowest team time. On Tuesday, it was crazy or cringe day where people wore crazy outfits that would make people cringe. Trey Anderson was a huge black spider and won the costume contest for

Tuesday. The games in the afternoon consisted of who could eat shrimp, pudding, mayonnaise, blended happy meal, and baby food the fastest. Chris Ramage and Jaren Parks from the green team dominated that competition. On Wednesday, the category was comfy day where people wore their pajamas, and we had a fort competition along with a movie for elementary and bowling for secondary.

Thursday was noun day where people got to dress up as a person, place, thing, or idea and each team had to make a skit and act it out in front of the other teams. Green team’s skit was an interview with a musician; blue team’s was a coffee shop, orange team did jeopardy, and red team was a group of actors performing before a group of producers. Ultimately red team won that competition. On Friday, we sadly had a snow day, but on Monday, January 30, we finalized Spirit Week with school spirit day! On this day, we had to dress up in our school black and silver colors as well as make a cheer and have senior interviews. Red Team won the cheer. The overall winner of Spirit week with 109,100 points was the Red Team.

Written by Jaren Parks

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