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The verse Matthew 6:20 was chosen because treasure in heaven is laid up by our giving here on earth. This year’s campaign was not to build a new building but rather to give the money to the church for missions and the building fund to pay off the building loan. This year was a good year for our giving. We brought in $29,933 and a donor matched the

offering on Sunday October 27, 2019. All the matched funds of $130,000 were placed on the principle of the building loan. We had more people participating than last year. This campaign was very successful. The church staff started preparing and announcing a month in advance. There are four new missionaries up for support, but the church is going to wait to decide to take any of the missionaries on to see how much money the church will receive from the pledges. So, remember to keep your commitment as referred to in Ecclesiastes 5:4-5.

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