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Updated: Jul 8, 2021

We started the preschool to provide a Christian alternative for parents desiring for the children to have a program designed to prepare them for kindergarten academically, socially, and mentally. The goal for preschool is to provide a safe, clean, and caring environment for children to be taught about God's creation, treating others with respect, and creating a desire and love for learning that will last with the children throughout their life.

Kelly Macrander is the director and lead teacher. Corine Brinkley is the assistant teacher. We already have learned so much and plan to continue to add things to make the facility better as well as add and adjust the schedule to promote a safe environment that promotes a love of learning. Kelly Macrander and Corine Brinkley believe that preschool is going very well. There are eight students in preschool right now, four boys and four girls. They love to see how the kids are developing their personalities and growing as little people. Neither of the teachers would change anything right now but they will grow and learn as the year goes on.

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