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The Junior High students along with a handful of teachers and the principal went to Washington D.C. for an educational field trip. The first stop they made was to the World War II Memorial, which was located in the center of a mall. The students enjoyed that memorial because it put the casualties of the war into perspective. The memorial had walls that were covered in names from those whose lives were lost during the war. There were crosses next to some of the names for those whose bodies were never found. The memorial also contained statues of women that served in the war. After the WWII memorial, the students visited the Korean War memorial, the Vietnam Memorial, and the Lincoln Memorial where the students found a typo in the stone of the Lincoln Memorial.

The group attended Crossroads Church pastored by Kenny Baldwin. At the time they visited, it was the 40th anniversary of the church's existence. The service was two hours long, but the students did not seem to mind because of the history of the church. Everyone rode scooters to the White House following the service, but they were not allowed to enter due to COVID restrictions. The students visited the Museum of the Bible. Later that day the students went to a space museum, which offered a cool flight simulator experience for the students. The group ended the day by visiting the Jefferson Memorial, which had an amazing view for the students.

The students visited the Holocaust later that week and after a long week of learning the teachers took the students to the beach to play a few games and to enjoy the sunset. Many of the students had never seen a beach or been able to experience one.

The group ended the trip by stopping at a souvenir shop and visiting a train station. They flew back and arrived safely back home. According to all of the teachers, there was minimal to no complaining during the entire trip, and the students behaved themselves very well. One of the teachers described the students as being ahead of their time in maturity level.

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