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There are several problems plaguing America today during the tenure of our country's current president. One of these problems is illegal immigration because the amount of people crossing the southern border is over four times what it was during our previous presidency. Illegal immigration causes several problems some being; job inflation, which takes jobs away from Americans, as well as unneeded tax wasting by giving free healthcare to those who have never paid taxes. Another problem is the gas prices have been twice the cost of what they were under our previous presidency due to the shutdown of the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline System. The pipeline was crucial in getting oil from an abundant supply in Alaska to the rest of the American states in order to keep lower gas prices. Finally, the decision of our current president to ignore his advising General’s withdrawal plans from Afghanistan caused the death of thirteen Marines and wounded others. The withdrawal plan was poorly executed and left many civilians to the will of the Taliban as well as caused America to lose a war it had been involved in for over twenty years.

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