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Vision night is a very important night for our church. The church is gathered to be informed about the new theme of the year and our goals for 2020. As a church we try our best to relate to the theme and live by it. Years past our themes have been “Maximize,” “Knowing Him and Making Him Known,” “So Loved,” “Purpose,” “Better together,” “Real,” “Continue,” and “Focus.” Even now we can find ourselves in need of the past themes and their meaning. We even continued “Love Week” and have done it ever since we had the theme “So Loved.” Our theme this year is “Focus.” As Christians we should focus on the simple commandments from God and focus on the Bible and the message it gives. Vision night was a success because we need to put more focus on our Christian life as very attainable for our church, and many people liked the new theme.

Written by Daniel Gordon

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