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Updated: Oct 19, 2020

FBS invited all previous alumni to come back for a weekend and partake in an alumni banquet and have a chance to redeem their athletic abilities. The alumni stormed together a plan to give Miss Wesenberg, a very deserving candidate, a trip to wherever she wants to go. Along with the trip, they supplied her with a London Fog suitcase set, and a plaque honoring her 20 years of service to our school.

Many people got to reunite with their high school graduating class and reminisce about past times. The alumni got to suit up with their volleyball and basketball teams just like old times and scrimmage each other! All of the alumni got a picture taken with everyone that has graduated in the past 20 years from FBS. This event was very sentimental for many alumni to be able to reunite with friends from high school, and honor a favorite teacher!

Written by Daniel Gordon

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