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Pastor Wicks launched a prayer campaign on August 28th. He has the vision to pray for all the homes in Plattsmouth and surrounding areas. It went very smoothly as people went door-to-door and prayed for four specific areas: family, finances, health, and spiritual needs of every home on our assigned maps. Brother Silas divided Plattsmouth into eight sections and made 136 individual maps. The initial goal was 12,000 homes, and we were able to pray for about 5,000 in the first campaign. We are continuing another campaign in the spring to reach Bellevue and Beaver Lake. People’s lives were touched, and many people cried and  experienced “God’s moments.” Praying for families was the primary goal, but prayer changes the people praying as well. Pastor wants us all to cultivate a heart of compassion to care for our  community. The goal was accomplished. Sometimes prayer changes the one praying more than the one being prayed for. 

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