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Even though Nebraska is a new team for Scott Frost to coach, it is not a new team for him to be on. Scott Frost played for Nebraska and won a national championship in 1997. That same year was Coach Tom Osborne’s last year at Nebraska as head coach.

This past season Nebraska fired their head coach, Mike Riley. Throughout the season fans were pushing for the University of Nebraska to try to get alumni Scott Frost to come and coach the football team. Frost was coaching at the University of Central Florida when this was all going on. Frost led the team to its first undefeat

ed season in school history including a huge bowl win against Auburn. Nebraska wasn’t they only team trying to get Frost as their head coach, but the organization felt like he was going to come back home to coach. Not long after the season ended Frost agreed to a coaching deal at Nebraska.

Tom Osborne is one of Scott Frost’s biggest mentors. Tom Osborne was Frost’s coach while he was at Nebraska. Frost has said that he is trying to bring back the winning environment to Nebraska and is also bringing back Osborne’s way of coaching. Nebraska was for sure most dominant and successful during the 1990’s when Osborne was coaching, so this is a good idea on Frost’s part. Tom Osborne said that he thinks hiring Frost helped save the sellout record and save Nebraska’s football program.

Frost has made many changes in Nebraska’s program already. Some of the players are commenting on how hard they practice. Some of the players are also lost weight and gained more muscle this past off-season. Along with a new coach came a completely new coaching staff and some transfer players from UCF. The recruiting this past season as well was a lot better than it has been for a while. Overall Nebraska had 51 new players, either transfers or freshman, come to the team this year.

Event though Frost’s first few games have not gone how he or the football fans would of like them to have gone, there is a lot to be optimistic about. Fans can tell that it is a completely new coaching staff and that they are getting better week by week. Scott Frost is a good Christian coach and will sooner or later bring Nebraska back to a winning football team.

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