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FBS is ready for some changes, and change is what is coming! We are going to see some great improvements this coming school year. One of these improvements will be the school network. You can look forw

ard to better wireless connections within the school building which will allow the students and teachers to have better wi-fi and be able to print papers wirelessly from their own devices. The improvement of the network system will vastly reduce wasted time and energy.

The elementary will be happy to have new projector TVs / smart boards that can accelerate their learning journey and expand their minds by leaps and bounds.

Another improvement is a freshly remodeled cafeteria that will have students from all grades looking forward to lunchtime. There will hopefully be a stage remodel, so the annual school plays will look much nicer. There will also possibly be minor improvements in schedules, uniforms, etc. Lastly, Principal Wicks will look to possibly integrate a five-day lunch program.

First Baptist School continues to improve and grow with each year. In summary, we are getting lots of cool new things to help us learn next school year!

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