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Spring is around the corner! Warmer weather, sunshine, and flowers are coming our way! Soon we will have a break and get to enjoy the fun that spring will bring.

Below are some ideas for embracing springtime:

· Get outdoors!

Take a run, go to the park, or grab a friend to play a game of tennis. Energize yourself from winter and get some fresh air.

· Family outings.

Pack a lunch and go for a picnic or to the zoo. Enjoy your family time with a fun activity.

· Spring cleaning!

It may not seem enjoyable for everyone, but it is always a good idea to declutter and organize. Take the time and simplify your house. Our minds function better and are refreshed when our spaces are orderly.

Whatever your joys of spring may be, remember to take in the special moments and memories that this season will have!

“My favorite things about spring is that the weather is nice so you can go outside and play sports. Some of my favorite outdoor sports are softball, golf, and basketball. Spring is a good time to get back into shape and go outside and get some fresh air.” — Bethany

“The best part about spring is doing as many activities outside as possible. The weather is nice, and everything is better outside. Sports, running ,and just enjoying nature are some of my favorite things to do in spring. Spring is an amazing opportunity to see all of God’s nature in full form” — Chandler

“My favorite things about spring is March Madness. Since I really like basketball, it is super fun to watch all of the top teams in college basketball play each other. I also enjoy playing basketball outside, since the weather is super nice.” — Parker

“Something I like about spring is the warm weather. The warm weather feels so great, especially when we are used to the freezing, mucky weather of late winter. The weather gives an opportunity to get back into some outdoor activities, without the worry of being too cold.” — Josh

“One of my favorite things about spring is the dandelions. They may just be weeds, but they are special to me. My mom and I used to always go to the park and gather as many as we could. We would sit down on a blanket and blow them until each piece would come off.” — Haley

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