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This past summer the school was able to upgrade its equipment and some of the facilities. Some of the larger projects included: adding a reception area and building new playground equipment. When you walk in the front door of the school, you will now see a new reception area to the left. It was previously a brick wall with a room behind it. The room was primarily used for a utility closet. The reception area not only allows for better communication with the parents but also monitors the visitor sign-in process.

The largest project of the summer was the reconstruction of the playground. If you had ever seen the old playground set, then you would know that it was time for a new one. The three new pieces of playground equipment were an airplane teeter-totter, a climbing dome, and a new slide. Along with the new equipment, the grounds were leveled and mats were added. The students love the new playground and equipment!

It is amazing to see what our school and church staff were able to accomplish in one summer. The staff worked on other projects such as redoing the gym floor and painting the elementary walls with bright new colors. Hopefully in future years we will be able to do many more projects such as updating the stage area and expanding the science lab.

We would like to give a big thank you to everyone that helped with any of these projects. We would not have the facilities that we enjoy today without the amazing parents, students, staff, and volunteers that continuously do fundraisers and work to make this school a better place.

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