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When the church was first started, Pastor wanted the teens to be involved in a church sports team. Like everything we do, there was a purpose for the mascot we chose and the colors of our jerseys.

We played many teams that all had the same team name with the traditional red, white, and blue jerseys. Wanting to stand out from the crowd and be unique, while also allowing our fans to match easily, we chose black and silver to be our colors. These colors also brought a certain intimidation on the court.

Choosing the mascot was along the same process as choosing the colors. We wanted something different and unique but with a purpose. No one had ever heard of a team called the “lions.” Besides this fact, one of the most important reasons for choosing the mascot was to be a picture of Proverbs 28:1b, “...but the righteous are bold as a lion.” We may not be the same group of teens that chose these colors or mascot; however, we will continue to strive and follow the verse by being bold and righteous on and off the court.

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