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Corine (Robinson) Brinkley graduated with the homeschool class of First Baptist School in 2003. Corine met her husband, Andrew, while attending Hyles-Anderson College. They have four children: Makenzie (9) loves to read and write stories, Lacey (6) enjoys singing and helping take care of her siblings, Harper (2) loves to wear crazy hats and play with her siblings, and Alexander (8 months) loves to eat.

The person who has been the most influential in Corine’s life is Mrs. Wicks. Even when Corine was an annoying teenager, Mrs. Wicks still took the time to love and care for her. Now Mrs. Wicks loves and cares for her children also.

Corine’s advice to the students at First Baptist School is to not let anyone or any circumstance take you away from God. People change, but God never does. Also, don’t focus on the bad; move on and don’t dwell on it.

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