Q: What is the average GPA of a high school student at FBS?

A: The most current report that was generated in 2012 stated that the average GPA of FBS

high school students was 3.1.

Q: What is the average score of a FBS student on the ACT?

A: Since 2010, the average score on the ACT from a FBS student is 25.

Q: Are scholarships available at FBS?

A: Tuition scholarships are available through the REAP scholarship fund. Members of FBC

donate to the REAP scholarship and the FBS staff designates scholarship money to families

who are struggling, have multiple children in the school, or any other reason that may deem

financial aid. Families must apply for assistance from the REAP scholarship.

Q: Does FBS have a sports program?

A: Yes. Elementary students participate in intramural sports during PE to gain teamwork and

athletic skills. Elementary students also are able to compete in the NACS Track Meet against

other students from Christians schools in Nebraska. Secondary students (7 th -12 th ) participate

in flag football (boys), basketball (boys), volleyball (girls), and track (boys and girls). With

the exception of track, these sports are run through the teen athletics of First Baptist Church.

Bro. Bill Marks is the athletic director of FBC.

Q: How can I track my student’s progress?

A: FBS desires to partner with families in educating children. In order to do this, FBS

provides many avenues to track your student’s progress throughout the year. Sycamore

Education is an online school software program that allows parents to track current grades,

attendance, and financial information at any time from the convenience of any computer

connected to the internet. Parents can send notes to the teacher through this site and can stay

informed with news and activities going on at the school through the news and calendar

section on Sycamore. Other ways parents can stay involved are through daily communication

in the student’s notebook, weekly memos, parent/teacher conferences (scheduled twice a

year), and scheduling a visit to the school.

Q: Is FBS accredited?

A: Although FBS is a member of the Nebraska Association of Christian Schools, we are not

accredited through any accreditation agency or through the state office. FBS files for Rule 13