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Here are some tips from teachers, parents, graduates, and students to help you not only survive high school, but also have a wonderful experience.

Focus on what you are trying to accomplish after high school and use that as motivation. - Jasmine Jones

Don't let peer pressure keep you from making your decisions. - Megan Lee

Enjoy your high school while it lasts. You will want it back. - Haley Espowe

Learn how to get along with everyone. - Tyler Collum

Stay focused on your school work. Don't make earning a little bit of money more important. - Leah Glenn

Try to make it out alive, so you can die in college. - Hannah Double

Put all assignments in to a monthly calendar. - Silas Young

Communicate with your teachers and keep track of your upcoming tests and quizzes. - Brett Bowser

Make a "to do" list for every day. - Silas Young

Literally, just study! - Aubrey Dickerson

Start having a devotional life and take advantage of learning. - Kate Crabb

Take it one day at a time and try to enjoy the stage of life you are in. - Holly Anderson

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